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Epic Crushing Chest Session


The best of these Executive Workouts, in my opinion! Of all the workouts Crushing Chest is my favorite because every time I do it the sensation I’m left with is one of extreme power and fullness. This routine often causes that feeling to remain for hours on end and sometimes all day.

Please read and re-read the entire workout specially the tips to ensure that you nail it the first time and get the most out of your 15-Minute workout.

Getting Ready:

Get Your Head Right

Like every one of these workouts start by getting your head right. If you’re like most people you just show up to the gym and get started. For this workout try something new, rather then just showing up try the mental exercise below.

On the way to the gym turn off the radio and spend that time visualizing the crushing you are about to lay on your pectoral muscles. Envision yourself setting up the workout area and imagine yourself going through the workout. This mental exercise will have you “in the zone” by the time you show the front desk your membership card.

Get Your Plyometric Workout Right

With about 15 minutes to “blast off” take your pre-workout shake. If you are new to protein powders and similar energy drinks make sure you establish tolerance levels BEFORE doing this workout and if possible work up to a maximum dose of 6 on an empty stomach. The best protein will take an already intense session and make it euphoric.

Get Your Work Station Set Up

Needed is a flat Olympic Bench, 2 pairs of dumbbells for presses and flyes plus a cable crossover station.


  • Don’t Leave Your Area – Your shake should already be mixed and there should be no reason to go more then 2 feet away from your work area if you do upon returning you will see someone breaking down your bench or running off with your dumbbells
  • Train During Slow Time – IF possible go to the gym when it’s slow if not refer to tip #1
  • Don’t Share Your Dumbbells or Bench – In the past I have let allowed someone to work in between sets only to have them breakdown by bench or take my dumbbells across the gym. You have a rhythm and pace you MUST maintain so when asked “Can I work in?” just say I’ve got 2 more sets
  • Recruit a Friend – This is a no brainer doing so helps you to maintain a “You Go/I Go pace.

It’s very important to understand that this assault on triceps is done through the use of giant sets and peak contraction techniques. Refer to the terms below explaining in more detail what these techniques are and how they work. These techniques need to be understood and properly used in conjunction with your shake to make the Crushing Chest Workout a massive success.


It’s been my experience that people don’t always connect with the Giant Set/Peak Contraction mandate. So it’s important to emphasize that a Giant Set = a single set of 3 exercises. In this workout one performs the Lying Overhead Cable Extension w/t an EZ Bar with NO REST proceeds to the Machine Triceps Pushdown w/t EZ Bar (a bent bar allowing you either a close or wide grip) again with NO REST moves to the Machine Triceps Pushdown w/t Rope – this is 1 set. It’s up to the individual to decide whether to perform the rotation 3 or 4 times.

The rest period shouldn’t be longer then the time it takes for a training partner or imaginary friend to do his/her set – 90 to 120 seconds. If training alone, I recommend that you time how long it takes you to perform your set then hit the stop watch when you complete your set.

The Workout:

Before you kick off the first set review in your mind one last time each segment of the Giant Set and get started. Now that the work area is ready and you are physically and mentally prepared, let’s get it on! Your protein shake should be cooking under your skin and you are primed and ready to go to work.

Flat Olympic Bench Press
Sets/Reps: 3 to 4 Sets of 8 PC Reps
Load: Moderate
Rest Period: NONE go straight to Dumbbell Presses
Techniques: Giant Sets move to next exercise with no rest (GS)

Peak Contraction (PC)

You will want to perform a typical warm-up set for 15 repetitions, rest and set up your bar. Now, select a weight you can comfortably do for 15 repetitions (YOU WILL ONLY PERFORM 8 REPS) except you will want to focus on 8 key repetitions. Holding a moderate grip just outside the medial head of the deltoids bring the weight down to the same spot on the chest and upon touching press upward and stop at the top.

At the very top of the movement you will want to hold the weight for a 2 count while squeezing, flexing and contracting the muscles of your chest. Lower the bar to the starting position and repeat for a total of intense 8 repetitions.

If you have gone through either the Bulging Biceps or Thrashing Triceps workouts you will notice a distinct difference. Your pectoral muscles can’t reach out and grab the bar and perform the set hence they rely on auxiliary muscles to lift the weight. The bench press engages the muscles of your triceps, forearms, back, delts particularly your rear delts making isolation and contraction a challenge compared to arm training. Do your best to feel that contraction and trust me in a minute or two it will all come together.


  • Manage the rep not the set – the set will take care of itself if you focus on each rep
  • Dancing Feet – don’t do it make certain that your feet are tucked and not moving (See below)
  • When benching push down on the floor with your feet
  • Don’t bounce the weight off your chest
  • Lower the weight to same spot on each repetition – bodybuilders typically pick a spot on the upper half of the chest

Flat or Incline Dumbbell Presses
Sets/Reps: 3 to 4 Sets of 8 PC Reps + 8 to 12 FRM Reps
Load: Moderate to Light
Rest Period: NONE go straight to next exercise
Techniques: Giant Sets (move to next exercise with no rest)


Peak Contraction (PC)

Things are about to more intense. Continue to remain focused and manage the repetitions not the sets. The set is the sum of the repetitions and rep management determines the quality of the set.

Place the dumbbells on your thighs and slowly lean back and the dumbbells should fall into place. Keep the elbows close to the body and the dumbbells and thumbs angled toward each other at about 45°. I like to dip the dumbbells causing the end closest to the chest to touch. From there press the weight straight up and toward each other and hold at the spot right before lockout. At that point contract the hell out of your chest for a 2 count. Release and repeat for 8 repetitions. This is the first half of the set.

The second half of the set is exactly the same thing without the contracting or stopping. These should be 8 rhythmic reps upon completion immediate go to the next set.


  • Don’t bounce
  • Again, for the 100th time manage the reps not the set
  • Think of the exercise as to halves
  • Like the Flat Bench keep your feet tucked under and press down with your feet with no movement
  • You can perform this on either a flat or incline bench the difference is nothing more then angle/area of emphasis

Flat / Incline Dumbbell Flies
Sets/Reps: 3 to 4 Sets of 8 PC Reps + 8 FRM Reps
Load: Light
Rest Period: NONE go straight to next exercise
Techniques: Giant Sets (This is the last exercise of the rotation)

Full Range of Motion (FRM)

Peak Contraction (PC)

It’s all about hugging the tree. Make sure you have a light weight. You will lie on either a flat or incline bench and start with the weight above over the upper chest. The elbows will need to be angled in a 45° angle (to minimize the engagement of the anterior head of the delts) and lowered to extension. Now, the degree of extension is determined by flexibility and I prefer to lower the elbows below my body rather then doing what seems like an iron cross placing all that stress on the shoulder joint. The lower you allow your elbow to travel the more the pectoral muscles will stretch.

When initiating the movement imagine yourself hugging a very large round tree. If you do this you WILL NOT PRESS THE WEIGHT, instead, you will work the entire set in a circular motion. Hold at the top and squeeze like tomorrow will never come. When you lower the weight begin lowering the elbows and manage the stretch. As you will know if you followed a program for jumping higher, explosive strength is the key to success and this comes through contraction.


  • Perform on either a flat or incline bench
  • Again, for the 100th time manage the reps not the set
  • Think of the exercise as to halves
  • Like the Flat Bench keep your feet tucked under and press down with your feet with no movement

Cable Cross Over Presses
Sets/Reps: 4 Sets of 8 PC Reps + Reps to Exhaustion
Load: Light
Rest Period: 2 Minutes
Techniques: Giant Sets (move to next exercise with no rest)

Peak Contraction (PC)

The range of motion of your chest muscles is approximately 4 inches therefore we want to always shorten the movements as a means of disengaging auxiliary muscles particular the anterior deltoids which are always wrongfully recruited on this exercise.

Follow these steps:

  • Select a very light weight
  • Hurry up
  • Align yourself in the middle of the Cable Crossover and step forward ½ a step
  • Slightly lean forward
  • Bring your elbows up slightly and keep your hands approximately even with your waistline and about 6 to 8 inches away from your body – that’s your starting position
  • Press the weight down and slightly forward and squeeze like a mother at the end for a 2 count

Like the previous 2 sets perform your first 8 with a PC and then rep out to exhaustion. Congratulations! You just completed the first rotation and your chest should be screaming at you. What an awesome feeling eh?


  • Make certain you don’t allow the shoulders to rotate forward
  • Keep your back straight
  • Stay locked in the starting position
  • Keep the movement short

Training Experience

Before performing the workout it’s very important that fitness and experience levels be determined. Once you know where you have slotted yourself proceed to select from the 3 workouts options below.
Even though the amount of load used is extremely light extreme caution should be observed.

Over-enthused beginners could be in a lot of trouble should they attempt the advanced session on the first attempt. I have seen beginners take on the advanced workout and not be able to move their arms for almost a week. Adaptation to training tends to be rapid but be smart prior to moving toward the advanced level.


4 Giant Set of Rotation
“Extreme” Peak Contraction
60 Second Rest Between Sets


3 Giant Set of Rotation
“Extreme” Peak Contraction
90 Second Rest Between Sets


2 to 3 Giant Set of Rotation
“Light” Peak Contraction
90 Second Rest Between Sets

Any supplement dosage MUST be established. Supplements are very powerful products and should be used tested.


Definition of Terms

Auxiliary Muscles – In order to train certain muscle groups like chest, back and shoulders the exercises used rely to varying degrees on the engagement of auxiliary muscles to help perform the exercise. Often a bodybuilder will want to minimize the degree of involvement of these muscles in an effort to better isolate the muscle being trained.

Continuous Tension – A training method in which tension and stress on a working muscle or muscle group is never released but sustained throughout repetitions comprising the set.

Dancing Feet – A term used to refer to the mistake made by inexperienced benchers who perform the bench press while their feet are moving all over the place.

Full Range of Motion (FRM) – Is the term used to describe working a particular muscle through its full range of motion in contrast to short distances or partial reps.

Giant Sets (GS) – A giant set is when several exercises are performed in rapid sequence one after the other with NO REST in between sets the sum of which is equal to 1 set.

Isolation – In weight training isolation is typically referenced to the effort to either minimize or otherwise remove altogether the contribution of auxiliary muscles so that a targeted muscle bears all or most of the load.

Peak Contraction (PC) – A peak contraction is the squeezing and intense flexing portion of the repetition performed either at the top or bottom of the movement.

Plyometrics – Plyometrics, another name for jump training. They are exercises where muscles exert maximum power in quick durations aiming to increase muscular power. Required for dunking a basketball.


The Crushing Chest #1 is a workout session offered to the general public to use in conjunction with the proper dose of supplement. It is your responsibility to make completely certain that you are in good health and physically capable of performing the exercises and using your supplement as a dietary supplement. It is expected that you will read the entire label specifically suggested use and warning sections of the label prior to use and if necessary consult your physician. By performing this workout you warrant that you have strictly adhered to ALL instructions herein stated as well as those found on the label of any sports product being used in conjunction with this workout. Additionally, you indemnify this company from any claim arising from or associated with the use of any supplement and/or performing this workout.